YouTube Creators for Change: Natalie Tran | White Male Asian Female


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*regular video soon*
This video was made for YT's Creators for Change program. After receiving comments about being in interracial relationships over the years, I finally felt comfortable enough to address and unpack why these comments always caused a lot of discomfort- more than the usual hate comments.
This is a very surface start to what is such a large conversation but I hope to revisit the topic later in more depth. There are opinions in here I agree with, opinions I disagree with, and I voice opinions that might change in the future.

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this. It's an uncomfortable topic and your willingness to help means a lot.
If you have any thoughts, preferably not any abusive ones, it would be great to hear them.
Thanks for watching and hope you're well. Sorry for not having posted in a while. It's been a strange year but I'll keep you posted.


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