Lalli's Gift For Yusuf Pathan - The Kapil Sharma Show - 2nd ... 0    0

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Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: The Gen-Y(Youth, for the uninitiated) today, leads a dual life. While there's a facet of you, the one you have in front of your f...

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#SanjaySketch: Maid 2 | NEW DIDI 0    0

Parvathi returns to her Bangalore house and gets a little more than she bargained for. Please subscribe/share/comment/like. Links for comedians in this video, please follow them, they're great :)...

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Ladkiyon Ke Nakhre - Part 1 | Saheed Boyfriend | Girliyapa 0    0

Welcome to Web Series of Ladkiyon Ke Nakhre. We all encounter this in our everyday life with girlfriend. I call her grillfriend. Please like, share and comment. Do subscribe for more updates on this...

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Girliyapa (Girls conference call) fully masti chatpata talk 0    0

Girliyapa (Girls conference call) fully masti chatpata talk How girls talk on phone and discuss their personal metters... Funny touch

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AIB Bloopers : A Woman's Besties 0    0

Watch what went on behind the scenes at the shoot of AIB's woman's besties. Watch the sketch here: Follow us on Instagram Follow ...

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Bhaiya Woh Dikhana 0    0

Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: Show us some love : Facebook: Twitter : Our Website: ht...

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LADIES ROOM EPISODE 1 | Reaction w/ Hope Jaymes & Rachel Gra... 0    0

Check out Y-Film's YouTube channel! EPISODE LINK: ~Jamazing Patron of June: Shankar Madhavan~ U.S.A. Channel: ht...

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Awkward Situations with Parents 0    0

We are all keeping a lot of secrets from our parents and when those are out, all we face are Awkward Situations. ~ SheTroubleMaker. instagram: Facebook:

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Save Another Wing | Short Film | GIRLIYAPA ON WOMEN'S DAY |... 0    0

Film Title : “Save another Wing” Swami Vivekananda Said "It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world, unless the condition of women is improved. It is impossible for a bir...

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Fake Feminists Be Like | Blush 0    0

Subscribe to BLUSH If every woman's lunch hour gossip session, every bar table joke, and every WhatsApp meme were converted into a video, 'Girls be like' would be it. In this se...

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Girliyapa popxo 0    0

Things you will get if you are not so girly girl

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Ladies Room | Episode 06 | Dingo & Khanna & GCPD 0    0

In the Season Finale of Ladies Room, Dingo & Khanna, in the struggle to find jobs, are encountered by annoying young people who think they are ready to rule the world! Will Dingo succeed in ge...

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What The F*ck Is That?? Pyar Ka Punchnama 3 | Girliyapa - Mu... 0    0

This parody is dedicated to all the girlfriends who are fed up of their boyfriends' Featuring - Swati Pawar, Prerna Dua, Aakarshika Goyal, Anandpreet Kaur, Concept : Swati Pawar Written By: Swati P...

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Let us see what do these TVF ( GIRLIYAPA ) CHICS have to say... 0    0

CHIC SAYS is all about women and their voice and their choices and opinions on different issues. Let us hear what these three girls from GIRLIYAPA has to say. Bhavini plays the famous THUG WIFE on GIR...

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Ladies Room | Episode 04 | Dingo & Khanna Tripping Balls 0    0

Dingo is worried she might fuck up the one job given to her by the Evil Raveena and a reckless Khanna downing her drinks is not helping. With alcohol and MDMA flooding her system, Khanna blurts out ma...

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Girliyapa Ep. 1 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun? | T... 0    0

Girliyapa Ep. 1 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun? | Two Girls Flirting With Innocent Guy !! | Funny | Comedy | Fan Made | Enjoy & Stay Connected With Us. " Subscribe Now &...

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With THUG WIFE from GIRLIYAPA 0    0

So my day with TVF Campus was super duper fun and here is a glimpse of how much fun we had! Bhavini Soni who plays THUG WIFE is such a sport and I think these girls set an example of how we should be ...

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MensXP: Women Still Don't Get It 0    0

He was the most perfect boyfriend ever. He cared for her, got her gifts, took her out on dates! And yet, she dumped him. Why do women always do this to the nice guys? We try finding answers to that sa...

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Storified QnA with Team Girliyapa & TVF | Celebrity | Storif... 0    0

Original Facebook Live Date : 21st June, 2016 Team Storified Caught up with Team Girliyapa from TVF Network to talk about how they make videos. To participate in our FB Lives, like us here:

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Kuch nhi yar bus vedio dek loo ,or tumari marji ha subscribe karna ha tho kar loo

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Shameless (शेमलेस) by Prajakta Koli ft. Raftaar ... 0    0

Click here to Subscribe :- Hey lovers, here's the secret project I was talking about. Hope you like it! Keep being #Shameless. Song: Shameless Written & Performed...

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GIRLS ON THEIR PERIODS | Yippikay 0    0

Putting up few things that we girls go through while we are on our periods! Girls Get ready to relate! Also for upcoming Q&A, drop me your question(s) on my recent Instagram photo. Instagram ...

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m3Reaction|Girliyapa | what happens in a girls college|React... 0    0

So many peoples who commented to me to react on this video so finally today i did. I hope you willl enjoy this video. after watching this video please like share comment and subscribe this channel. or...

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#SanjaySketch: Maid Interview 0    0

In India maids are like extended family members. However when moving into a new apartment, you don’t interview your maids. They interview you. #SanjaySketch Staring Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, Kaneez ...

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Ladies Room | Episode 05 | Dingo and Khanna's Peep Show 0    0

Dingo struggles to get Under Gogo Ka Ghagra but ends up under a furious Khanna who is trying to get over Kunal! With a whole lot of vomit and a tinge of piss, Dingo and Khanna find themselves in a mas...

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Let's Make Joke of Girliyapa (Funny Hindi Cartoon) 0    0

Let's Make Joke of Girliyapa (Funny Hindi Cartoon). This is a funny cartoon in hindi making joke of common girliyapa things which guys hate like how the girls use makeup , take selfies with phone or e...

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Best of Girliyapa - Thug wife videos compilation 0    0

Girliyapa - Thugwife ki sixth sense se kya bach paaegi yeh kaamwali and many more videos Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe my c...

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Whatsapp girliyapa videos 0    0

Girlyapa video whatsapp funny Videoes "diet se mere checks to golgappa ho gye"

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