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554 Economy will bounce back in six months 554 says Nitin ... 0    0

on a day when former BJP finance minister Yashwant Sinha hit out at the government for what he called an economic mess, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari argues that the issues are only "teething ...

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Kangana on Aditya Pancholi: 554 My mentor became a Tormento... 0    0

"My mentor became my Tormentor" : #KanganaRanaut opens up about how she was physically and mentally abused by Aditya Pancholi to make a larger point about Women and Freedom in this #...

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Barkha Dutt talks to Kamal Haasan on the #Townhall 0    0

As Kamal Haasan fans celebrate his birthday and the actor officially takes the political plunge watch our #Townhall conversation with him and Barkha Dutt filmed in Chennai- he took questions on the Hi...

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Barkha Dutt interviews Richa Chadha on The Buck Stops Here .... 0    0

"Girl Uninterrupted: Richa Chadha on Masaan, Misogyny & Managing Trolls Richa Chadha is an actor who doesn't just deliver lines but speaks up her mind. On The Buck Stops Here, catch t...

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Here is Why Barkha Dutt Should be Ashamed of Arnab Goswami 0    0

Here are the reasons why NDTV Editor Barkha Dutt said she was "ashamed to be from same industry as him" after Goswami said journalists who were "pseudo-secular and pro-Pakis...

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The culture of rape in India must change 0    0

Barkha Dutt of NDTV, Leslee Udwin, the director of banned documentary "India's Daughter" and Norah O'Donnell of CBS This Morning discuss rape culture in India, during a panel at the ...

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Online abuse a weapon to silence women: Barkha Dutt 0    0

ट्वीटर, सोशल मीडिया के कई और प्लेटफॉर्म में महिलाओं को निशाना बनाया जाता है।...

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Kashmir issue पर आमने-सामने Barkha Dut... 0    0

A day after Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami demanded strict action against “pseudo-secular and pro-Pakistan” journalists on his primetime Newshour debate on July 26, NDTV consulting editor...

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Deepika Padukone & Barkha Dutt Interview at Live Love and La... 0    0

Deepika Padukone & Barkha Dutt Interview at Live Love and Laugh NGO launch Event | New Bollywood News 2015 Latest News in India For : Today Latest Breaking Live News in India 2015,Narendra Mod...

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Dirty Barkha Dutt Slapped On The Face By Smriti Irani 0    0

Are you interested in the current affairs and the happenings of India & Pakistan? Want to watch an unbiased view, with minute by minute updates of the current scenario? Vande Mataram India is ...

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Burka Dutt Disrespects APJ Abdul Kalam - Kalam Sir sat on Fl... 0    0

This is Pro Pak Media Journalists and their respect towards former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam. Kindly Share as much as possible to show their faces to all indians, so that they and their suppo...

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Dr.Subramanian Swamy takes on Barkha Dutt over terrorism & r... 0    0

Watch out for the last part where Barkha uses 'sentiment trap' for Dr.Swamy ------

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I heard no slur against Prime Minister: Barkha Dutt's accoun... 0    0

NDTV Group Editor Barkha Dutt gives her account of how an off-camera conversation with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was distorted by Pakistani media to suggest Mr Sharif called PM Manmohan S...

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Barkha Dutt Nira Radia Vir Sanghvi Tapes 3/3 0    0

Karan Thaper of CNN IBN is in discussion (over recent OPEN magazine expos) with Arun Shourie. This will make one understand about the seriousness of the actions of Barkha Dutt & Vir Sanghvi. T...

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Barkha Dutt Reply to Anupam Kher on Kanhaiya and Intolerance... 0    0

In a live debate there is a conflict between barkha dutt nad anupam kher on kanhaiya JNU issue and intolerant in india.

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Barkha Dutt की मां Prabha Dutt का सच उ... 0    0

Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel On: Like Our Facebook Page: Follow us on Twitter https://twitter...

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Barkha Dutt Husband | Barkha Dutt Marriages 0    0

In this let us talk about Barkha dutt personal life. About Barkha Dutt marriage. It is speculated that Barkha Dutt has married Twice. That too it is speculated that Barkha Dutt has married Kashmiri Mu...

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Barkha Dutt Egg on Face.3gp 0    0

One Crook taking on other, but this was a real egg on face for Barkha Dutt of NDTV, who figured in Radia tapes. She & NDTV are accused by many of lobbing for congress & specially the G...

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Barkha Dutt, General Bakshi war over JNU 0    0

Barkha, you tried to create a wedge between the General & the present Govt by saying that they (Govt) don't show the same concern in the 7th pay commission or in giving them a voice in the min...

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Barkha Dutt Exclusive interview with Vedant 0    0

Vedant, a 17 year old from St.Xaviers' Collegiate School, Kolkata has taken this interview in New Delhi.Watch out for more on this channel. Web: (under construction).

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Barkha Dutt got exposed by Swapan Dasgupta 0    0

Barkha Dutt and post-truth got exposed by Swapan Dasgupta at Jaipur Literature festival. #ZeeJLF2017

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Barkha Dutt’s fresh revelations about NDTV 0    0

In her second attack at her previous office-NDTV after 18 October’s facebook post, senior Journalist Barkha Dutt has once again alleged NDTV of showing ‘hypocrisy’ of anti-establishment crusader...

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Barkha Dutt has problem with Hinduism ? 0    0

Barkha Dutt has problem with Hinduism ? What kind of Journalism is this? Why so much hate and Untouchability for Hinduism? Indirectly Barkha Dutt is asking Tulsi that when she is planning to convert...

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Major Surendra Poonia Replying Barkha Dutt 0    0

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RADIA TAPES: Barkha Dutt - Nira Radia Tapped Conversations 0    0

In November 2010, OPEN magazine carried a story which reported transcripts of some of the telephone conversations of Nira Radia with senior journalists, politicians, and corporate houses, many of whom...

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True game of Barkha Dutt..... SHAME !!!! 0    0

Barkha Dutt of NDTV is known to undertaking all types of harm against her own nation much like Mir Jafar. The ISI has systematically managed to recruit her & have used her brilliantly for all ...

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Barkha dutt success story net worth small Biography Journey... 0    0

Barkha dutt success story net worth small Biography Journey of barkha dutt NDTV Times Now Check out new Topics video :

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Anupam Kher's video message on Barkha Dutt vs Arnab Goswami ... 0    0

Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami, are now fighting in full public glare. These were the not-so-subtle innuendos, the in-your-face suggestions, mocking not just the style of journalism and presentation of...

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Writer Madhu Kishwar Exposes biased Barkha Dutt and corrupt ... 0    0

Recently a interview of narendra modi with Writer Madhu Kishwar has been criticize of biased. Watch how Madhu Kishwar clarify all allegation. She also takes on Barkha and Sardesai, both of them are gr...

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Anupam Kher vs Barkha Dutt ,The Telegraph National Debate 5t... 0    0

Anupam Kher vs Barkha Dutt ,Telegraph National Debate 5th March 2016 visit - Anupam Kher vs Barkha Dutt debate Anupam Kher vs Barkha Dutt on Intolerant India Anupam Khe...

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Dr. Subramanian Swamy Royally Thrashes Stooge Scindia & Bark... 0    0

#TolerantIndians #TolerantIndianVijayGowda FB FB Page FB Group

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Dr Subramanian Swamy takes on Barkha Dutt over Terrorism and... 0    0

Dr Subramanian Swamy takes on Barkha Dutt over Terrorism and Religion Video Courtesy: Facebook Fan page:

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Ramachandra Guha and Barkha Dutt - INDIA AFTER GANDHI, Delhi... 0    0

Ramachandra Guha in conversation with Barkha Dutt at the Delhi launch of the 10th Anniversary edition of 'India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy'. 11 July 2017, India Habita...

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Madhu Trehan interviews Barkha Dutt 0    0

Barkha Dutt talks about her new book, This Unquiet Land. She clears the air on the Radia Tapes controversy and addresses the accusations made against her about her reportage on the Kargil War. She als...

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Barkha Dutt talk about attack against media persons through ... 0    0

Barkha Dutt talk about attack against media persons through social media The official YouTube channel for Manorama News. Subscribe us to watch the missed episodes. Subscribe to the #ManoramaNews...

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Barkha Dutt at Pakistani Media 0    0

Journalist Barkha Dutt has stepped down from her position as Group Editor in NDTV after almost two decades of joining the news channel and is going to step up her own media company. The company will b...

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